Are customers supported corrugations custom-made?

Phuong Nam Panel now doesn’t support custom-made for corrugation due to our machine structure and impacts from the operation process. However, our current production lines, we can supply kinds of sandwich panel with corrugation: thin corrugation (3-corrugation, 5-corrugation), fine Corrugation, plain corrugation, etc. which are diverse in model, lively in aesthetics and suitable to multi projects for You to choose. Besides, panel material of Phuong Nam Panel is COLORBOND FOR PANELsteel of BlueScope Group - Our leading strategic partner. Super durable steel 4-layers coated by Activate technology helps sandwich panel not only be nice in color, corrugation form but also meet standards on quality, challenge all harsh weather conditions.

How good is fire resistant sandwich panel of Phuong Nam?

“Fire resistance” is a concept used to indicate the “flame resistance” of a material in a certain period of time. This is completely different from concept of most people, that sandwich panel is able to be “anti-fire". A quality sandwich panel has a very long fire resistance, and in case of fire, it causes no harm to environment and human health.

All sandwich panel products of Phuong are fire resistant. However, depending on each kind of product, its fire resistance is different. Generally, products of Phuong Nam all met fire proof standard of Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue Police Department, and B2 according to DIN 4102-1 of Germany on anti-fire spreading classification; meet B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501–1 standard on fire proof classification.

Are small orders supported?

For us, any projects is sustainable development for future. So, over nearly three decades of operation, Phuong Nam Panel served more than 5000 projects of small or large scale nationwide.

Phuong Nam Panel is willing to support Customers with small orders. However, for the objective reasons in technique and machine operation, we can support customers by method of accumulated orders and single order. For details, please contact hotline (028) 3590 1968 or email hi@phuongnampanel.com. We will respond You soon as possible.

How can I complain about products and services?

Phuong Nam continuously make efforts to provide customers with the best experience when choosing sandwich panel products. We are always perceivable to all positive feedbacks and constructive ideas from customers in order to day by day improve quality of products and services. We always receive all opinions, queries, claims against our products and services from Customers to remedy and further improve quality.

If you have any claim, query, please click “Contact” button or call hotline (028) 3590 1968, email: hi@panelphuongnam.com for being promptly supported.

What are correct storing methods for sandwich panels?

Generally, sandwich panel is light weighted, easy to transport and easy to store. However, if sandwich panel is not correctly stored, its aesthetics, quality of itself in particular and quality of the projects in general will be badly affected. The proper storing method of sandwich panel during transportation, loading and unloading and use is as follows:

  • Sandwich panels must be arranged in packages placed onto a plane lined with soft sheet (foam, wood) to prevent scratch. The placing area must be dry, packages of sandwich panel must be chocked, no water flooding.
  • Sandwich panels are gathered in an isolated large area to be safe so that crane, forklift truck can move safely, far from the areas that can have shocks, dropping of heavy things possible to damage the panel.
  • When transportation, sandwich panels must be tightly tied in firm packages. The packages must not be too close to each other to be easy during movement. Sandwich Panel gathered in site must be covered with canvas to avoid dust, rain and sun The covering nylon film will be stuck on steel, causing creases and unaesthetic if it is too hot.
  • Similarly, after installation, the anti-scratch covering nylon film must be removed to avoid heat impact.
  • When installation and transportation, all workers must concentrate and be responsible, avoid undesired damages and accidents.