“Digital transformation must be from technology, management renewal to improvement of qualification, skills of laborers”

Sunday, 04/07/2021, 14:49 GMT+7

5 talk sessions at Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition (Hoa Lac High-Tech Park, 09-10 January 2021) attracted much attention.

The innovation topic today

Although, the topic of each talk is different, in general, they showed the strong will, determination and creativity of domestic enterprises in application of digital transformation in research, management, production and business to obtain new values. So, the talks drew attention of all enterprises, entrepreneurs and other participants.

Delivering speech at the Talks, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment - Tran Duy Dong said, the 4th industrial revolution is strongly happening in the world and Vietnam. Vietnam should quickly grasp the opportunities from this revolution, catch up and choose some areas of strength to step forwards. Vietnam's Party and State promulgated many mechanisms, policies to support innovative enterprises. Consequently, Vietnam's economy is gradually reducing its reliance on exploitation of natural resources, raw exports, and cheap labor, and step by step shifted to strong application of Science, Technology and innovation.  To meet the need for development of the country, governmental agencies and especially businesses and entrepreneurs firstly need to change their thinking and innovate from ideas to actions. “I believe that, when we are always aware and hungry for innovation to create breakthrough products and solutions, businesses will develop quickly and sustainably, and well respond well the needs of society, thereby contributing to a better society", said the Deputy Minister.

The Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung visit stalls at Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition

A few words from the General Director of Phuong Nam Panel Company

Phuong Nam Panel Company is an enterprise that manufactures building materials by modern technology, creating special products of soundproof, insulating, and fireproof Penal, at the Talk 4 “Digital transformation strategy in smart business”, said Mr. Giap Van Thanh, General Director of Panel Company, that digital transformation strategy is a process and has a very broad content. Digital transformation is inevitable for all enterprises if they don't want to be backward and stand still. By practical determination of innovation, investment in Germany technology continuous panel production line, General Director Giap Van Thanh thinks that if you are inferior, you must learn, invest in new technology and improve qualification for workers. At first, it is unavoidable to be at fault, but it is surely that changing technology, management, operation and creating conditions to improve knowledge and qualifications for employees will be practically beneficiary to the business. You must believe in your team. On the other hand, cooperating with suppliers, partners having digitally transformed will help enterprise develop more conveniently and effectively.

Organization board of the Exhibition award Phuong Nam Panel the certificate on

Attention to trend, psychology of customer, Mr. Giap Van Thanh said: “During innovation, a smart business also needs to pay attention to adaptability to the market, because each locality has its own particulars, standards, psychology and habits in access to products, so it is imperative for businesses to adapt and bring satisfaction to customers”.

FPT Group's sharing on success in digital innovation

At this talk, General Director of FPT Group namely Nguyen Van Khoa said, after 4 years of digital transformation, it has completed setup of database on customers, business, partners, and producers. Thanks to innovation and digital transformation, FPT improved its labor productivity as three times as previously. Mastering digital technology, mastering new business models, improving internal working process created a good operating environment, increased production performance of the employees.

General Director of Phuong Nam Panel, Giap Van Thanh makes speech at the talk

According to Mr. Dang Duc, Market Development Director of Intel Vietnam, digital transformation is core platform for information technology systems as well as service supply. Intel hopes that the enterprises takes full advantages of today digital technology in the world, especially the available resources to create the best services for the market.

CMC Company worked out solutions when encountering risks

General Director of CMC Company, Nguyen Kim Cuong shared, there are two motives for enterprises transforming digitally, firstly better understand their customers. Secondly, the enterprise itself must improve, change technology in order to more effectively operate. CMC had ecology of CMC technological solutions, established alliance with customers, partners. CMC has 3 main business areas namely information technology, telecommunication infrastructure, software development outsourcing. Over the past time, CMC concentrated in improving qualification of the whole group, member companies in order to ensure the best application of digital technology. Also, CMC bravely gave up ineffective business areas.

The organization board give souvenirs to the speakers of the Talk 4.

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