What is EPS panel? What are its uses in construction sector?

Wednesday, 14/07/2021, 18:21 GMT+7

The term of EPS stands for Expanded Polystyrene System, with main component of Polystyrene. When combined with Panel, it brings about the main product of EPS Panel for the construction market.

What is EPS panel??

EPS Panel is constructed of 2 parts: shielding steel and EPS core. Materials of steel, as well as color and depth of steel varies. So is EPS core layer, its depth varies depending on specific application of customer, from 50~200mm, bonded with specialized glue for absolute tightness. So, what are the uses and applications of EPS panel in construction sector?

Main uses of EPS Panel in construction sector??

In consideration of EPS panel, it has the same uses as PU Panel thanks to

  • Good insulating, and soundproof, especially effective anti fire spreading, help to room ventilated, cool and quiet.
  • Compositions safe to health, eco-friendly

  • Panel surface is heavy bearing, durable

  • Prevent fine dust, bacteria, anti-moisture, anti termite, etc 

  • Light weight, easy to construct, remove and reuse.

  • Diversity in color, size, pattern.

Moreover, price is the most outstanding advantage of EPS. Because of being cheaper than PU, the said effects will be comparative to those of PU. In stead of 30 years duration as PU, EPS’s service life is 15-20 years lower. So, EPS panel is often applied in civil projects, residential house

For example: worker accommodation, factory, warehouses, food storage, clean room, etc

Application of EPS Panel into PEXPA Panel and ROPAS Roof panel of Phuong Nam Soundproof Insulation Company Limited.

PEXPA Panel and ROPAS Roof panel products at Phuong Nam Soundproof Insulation Company Limited is constructed from 2 parts: steel and EPS core.

Finished EPS panel

Composition and application of PEXPA Panel

In which, PEXPA Panel is constructed of two faces of Bluescope premium steel thickness from 0.4mm~0,5mm, using Activate technology, plated 4 superior protective coatings. The pre-profiled EPS foam core has density of 12kg~25kg, pressed onto the 2 layer of steel clamped negative and positive and evenly rolled with specialized glue to increase the bonding of the two components with rate recommended by BASF group.

In reality, PEXPA panel is often used for insulating lay-in ceiling and erection of cover walls.

Construction of lay-in ceiling: There will be a skeleton available before assembling panels joined together. Light weight, good anti-moisture, high durable yet aesthetic EPS panels are being increasingly used in stead of gypsum, industrial wood ceiling. Lay-in ceiling is applied in civil projects, most commonly in motel room, karaoke room, classroom, etc.

Erection of enclosure partition: PEXPA panel is not only used for dividing, separating space but also insulating, anti ambient heat. So, the use of EPS panel for enclosure partition helps customers meet above requirements. While, it ensures aesthetics, easily to clean and install. Moreover, it saves cost for the construction projects of factory, offices, schools, etc.

EPS roof panel

Composition and application of ROPAS roof panel

ROPAS roof panel is insulating sheets protected with colorgalvanized steel facing, upper steel is 5-corrugations of 30mm high for effective anti-overflow. Below layer is steel to increase rigidity, prevent flame and add aesthetics for the product. Bluescopes 4-layer coated steel by Activate 2020 technology.

ROPAS Steel is used for roofing school, hospital, factories for seafood processing, farm product processing, food processing, production factories in remote and mountainous area, or temporary projects, motels, worker accommodation. Especially, the projects of low investment cost.

In short, the combination of PEXPA panel and ROPAS roof panel will create the projects both meeting requirements on soundproof, insulating, fire resistance and saving cost, reducing construction time, man power, protecting safety and free from fine dust, easy to remove and reuse.

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