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On 18/11, in Sheaton, Ho Chi Minh City, the launch event of T*ROCK - Generation Greening Technology Standard took place successfully with the participation of more than 100 customers and dear partners of Phuong Nam Panel - PNP. This is a strategic product that extends the ecosystem of high-end panel products to the market.

T*ROCK panel impresses with outstanding fire protection and sound insulation technical indicators, becoming a step forward to help build large-scale high-tech factories and factories in just a few months.

At the event, PNP proudly demonstrated T*ROCK's outstanding technology application developed for interior, siding and roof for high-quality factories to visitors.

Taking the application of E+ TECHNIK technology as the foundation, the unique features of this product line have been developed with the most rigorous fire protection standards and heat retention.

5 unique features developed on the new product include: Fire Safe: outstanding fire resistance, optimal thermal insulation; Stabi: modern, multidimensional, sustainable core structure; Accu: standard tight-fitting mount, synchronous accessories; Dura: Rugged warranty up to 25 years; Eco: Green environment.

In particular, the most impressive is the Fire Safe technology integrated with Rockwool Danish genuine insulation core, high-quality fire protection, increasing perfect fire protection ability. T*ROCK panel with Fire Safe technology achieves the most rigorous certification EN13501-1/A2 s1,d0 and certification of the Fire Protection Department of the Ministry of Public Security with a panel thickness of 125mm.

In this introduction, T*ROCK PANEL has overcome all inadequacies in the production of the panel industry. The technology applies achievements against deformation and metal fracture in precision mechanics, helping T*ROCK panels have a very tight mount, increasing bearing. The spray system with the glue mixing spray ratio automatically adjusts to the humidity and temperature when operating, evenly enhancing the adhesion between the Rockwool core and the two sides of the solid protective corrugated iron. maintain performance, improve longevity, suitable for all natural conditions and all architectural designs.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Minh - Chief Representative of Rockwool Thailand in Vietnam shared: "First of all, I would like to express this appreciation to Giap Van Thanh - General Director of PNP, an enthusiastic, diligent brother full of humanity with a passionate desire to bring technology-leading product quality from his hands,  Vietnamese minds reach out to the world. Up to now, PNP's product lines have been built consistently in the spirit of technology leadership and sustainable development and T*ROCK is also one of them.

I am very impressed with T*ROCK, it can be said that this is a material that contributes to revolutions in factory and factory construction. Not only greener, faster, more economical but also durable, easy to apply on weak soil - a product that solves many problems both in design and construction.

The trend of deep global integration, multinational corporations choose Vietnam as a stop for more and more high-tech factories. To prepare for this wave, businesses need to make rapid progress according to the strict standards of the world, including the construction of modern, "green" factories, environmental and human safety. PNP is proud to accompany businesses with a variety of panel product lines that have been researched and developed progressively each year to firmly support businesses to welcome integration.

"Catching up with the shifting trend of the global supply chain, such as the electronics and semiconductor industry worth many hundreds of billions of dollars... These component factories when investing in Vietnam also bring very strict standards of safety in fire protection, sound and heat insulation that currently only big foreign brands can meet. And with the aspiration to go abroad, PNP always insists on customer focus, taking quality to speak up for technology as a difference to compete and develop. T*ROCK Panel is the "fruit" of the research process, produced through thousands of hours by a team of young elite engineers full of ambition and enthusiastic dedication. We believe that the market will welcome this product, even consider this as a "competitive advantage" to develop larger-scale and more modern production,"  said Mr. Tran Trung Kien – Deputy General Director of PNP.

"At PNP, our business philosophy is to bring a strong belief to the sustainable development goals, after all, to leave a legacy for the next generations to preserve for a #xanh #sạch #bềnvững world that always aims for green living standards committed to environmental #ESG responsibility,  social, corporate governance.

Specifically, from the very beginning of the pre-feasibility project study, PNP focused on environmental factors in design, construction and operation, including quality of life; Design to ensure conformity with changes of the environment and climate; Take advantage of natural resources such as solar energy, fresh outside wind air convection, water and other resources; Having solutions to limit pollution, reuse to ensure the air quality of the working environment inside and outside; Using non-toxic and sustainable materials", Ms. Nguyen Duong Truc Linh – PR & Marketing Director shared.

PNP's quality products have reached the international market and made certain marks in the Southeast Asian market as well as European countries, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea ... which is known as a high-end and "difficult" market.

After 31 years of growth, along with the launch of T*ROCK, PNP is confident to conquer new challenges and believes that customer service efforts are also the process of perfecting PNP people for the present and the future.

Board of Directors of PNP and Strategic Partners ROCKWOOL, BLUESCOPE, BASF Let's toast to a good start

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