3 features of soundproof, insulating, fire resistance of Phuong Nam Panel

Wednesday, 14/07/2021, 18:10 GMT+7


Soundproof, insulating, fire resistance are 3 features always existing in Phuong Nam's Panel Products. To meet all demands of customers during actual construction.

Phuong Nam’s Panel product lines are equipped with 3 features of soundproof, insulating, fire resistance:

Phuong Nam’s insulating panel product

Over the past years, the global warming has largely impacted on factories, sheds. Consequently, it had much impact on laborers, lowering labor productivity, as well as bad effect on health of livestock, poultry at these sheds.

 Therefore, Phuong Nam Panel offers dedicated lines of products, meeting high-tech factories, was well factories and farms, etc. With purpose of bringing a better working environment for laborers, as well as a better living environment for livestock, poultry.

Apart from factory and sheds, they are suitable to cold-storage, frozen storage, cool storage, food warehouse, etc. The solutions for temperature stabilization and insulating are always paid attention to

Phuong Nam’s panel production lines:

Depending on specific demand of customers, we can choose panel lines such as Pisosy, Purich, Pureth, Prock, Pexpa. Also, depending on the depth of products, insulating can vary from (minus 50 to 650 Celsius). Often used to make: cold-room, frozen storage, cool storage, food processing factory, husbandry shed, hospital, school, medical clean room, etc

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Phuong Nam’s soundproof, insulating and fire-resistant panel


Regarding Phuong Nam’s roof panel product:

Talking about insulating of roof panel, it is mentioned to Roputo, Ropuon, Rowood, and Ropas. Similarly to panel, Phuong Nam’s steel product lines all have different insulating, vary from (20 to 650 Degree Celsius).

Phuong Nam’s insulating steel lines are applied for living space, school, hospital, working office, factory, factory, husbandry farm, etc. which all become cooler. They help reduce power cost during operation of machinery and equipment, protect human health and ambiance. There are the most suitable steel products for specific climate and demand of customers


Phuong Nam’s soundproof, insulating and fire resistant roof panel

Phuong Nam’s soundproof panel product

Phuong Nam's almost soundproof, insulating, fire resistant products have good soundproof. However, depending on sound frequency, the panel and steel products herein will help reduce noise inwards and outwards.

Phuong Nam’s Panel significantly helps reduce the ambiance noise such as vehicle traveling or rain falling sound on roof, etc.  For a more peaceful and quieter space than that of other normal products. For medium sound frequency of conversation, Phuong Nam’s Panel is self-confident to have the best soundproof.

Phuong Nam’s fire resistant panel product

Phuong Nam’s fire-resistant product lines have different fire resistances. Depending on the specific demand of customers, we can choose products having B3, A1, A2 fire resistance withstanding temperature from 20 to 650 Celsius. The products were certified by Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue Police Department, provide security for users

What are the best soundproof, insulating and fire-resistant product like?

The best optimal soundproof, insulating, and fire-resistant product is the one which meets all criteria of a customer from use demand to cost. Phuong Nam's Panel has a permanent technical supporting team who will help you find the most optimal and suitable product.

Phuong Nam’s soundproof, insulating, fire resistant projects?

Followings are images of the soundproof, insulating, fire resistant projects implemented by Phuong Nam for customers:

Project: Xuan Phu Chicken Breeding Farm – Phuong Nam's NCC Panel

The Project of soundproof, insulating and fire resistance for BOHO DECOR factory

Project: Centre of Aviation Technology - Vietjet Aviation Academy

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