5 reasons to choose PROCY panel for factory, clean room, cold-storage

, 10/07/2021, 00:17 GMT+7

A quality, durable projects that effectively operates is the expectation of all investors.  Thanks to its smart features for projects, eco-friendliness, PROCY panel is a product being widely selected for projects.

  • Quality composition

    Thanks to its light weight, insulating, anti-heat, fire resistant qualities; sandwich panel is the material that has been popularly used in many recent years. However, there are unqualified sandwich panel products in the market, which is still worry for the projects: exposed clamp, poor quality core, steel surface poorly “resistant” to ambient impacts.

    Procy sandwich panel product is manufactured to solve these worries. Quality construction in every detail of Procy panel is highly appreciated by the industrial experts in terms of production technology and the advantages in those details of product. Procy panel is constructed of PIR (Polyisocyanurate) Foam core of Huntsman Group (U.S), meeting fireproof standard DIN 4102-1 (Germany), ASTM E84.

    The foam core is shielded with super durable steel 4-layers coated by Activate technology - BlueScope Group (with depth of 0.45mm - 0.6mm). Thanks to modern technology, the steel challenges all fierce impacts of environment

Procy panel is offered with 2 types of internal wall and external wall to meet the demand for use. Accordingly, each type of wall has a distinct construction of clamp to ensure their different functions. Concretely, Procy exterioal wall uses C+ clamp, and internal wall uses Zlock clamp

Procy sandwich panel is not only qualified in its all components but also “scores” in term of aesthetics for all types of projects. Depending on design requirement, panel will be produced with smooth or delicately ribbed surface with exact length.

Procy sandwich panel is superiorly constructed with quality management and smart, aesthetic design

  1. Excellent fire resistance, soundproof and insulation

Constructed with high-grade materials, Phuong Nam panel ensures its superior fire resistant, soundproof, insulating functions, suitable to every projects

Foam core of Procy meets fireproof standard DIN 4102-1 (Germany), ASTM E84. Uniform core layer, depth from 50mm, 70mm, 100mm with closed cell density of 99% able to minimize moisture intrusion, and destruction possibility.

Besides, with super durable steel products from BlueScope, the concerns on poor quality steel - the most harmful threat to all construction projects - are completed solved.

Smark clamps of Procy sandwich panel is also an outstanding bid advantage in panel products manufactured in current lines. With Procy external wall, panels are joined together with tight C+ smart concealed screw clamping that is both rigid and aesthetic, entirely meet the functions of an external wall panel.

For Procy internal wall, sandwich panels will be joined together with super tight Zlock mounter system. This clamping design allows panel to absolutely prevent leakage, loss of coldness. It is also able to prevent bacteria, moulds from depositing and the air contaminants. Therefore, Procy sandwich panel is the perfect choice for the projects of cold-storage, clean room, factory, etc

Thanks to premium materials from leading suppliers, Procy is possible to be anti-heat, insulating and fire-resistance, meeting the strictest standards


  1. Quality of product is stable

Procy sandwich panel is produced by a modern line meeting the U.S's LEED standards. Constituting materials of the product is completely imported from Europe.

Apart from high-tech production line, Procy sandwich panel is assured quality during its transportation to the site. At Phuong Nam Soundproof Insulation Company Limited - where Procy panel is produced, each product is strictly controlled by the team of technicians, shippers and installation workers.

As a result, the products will be transported according to a strict process, keeping safety for material and laborers. The construction and installation are also implemented by specialized facilities. Consequently, the products incorporated in the projects will fully meet required functions.

Procy product is strictly controlled by Phuong Nam team from production to presence at site

  1. Phuong Nam manufacturer – 30-year prestigious brand

Phuong Nam Soundproof Insulation Company Limited has its precursor of Sai Gon Tole Trading - Manufactures Company Limited, established in 1992. Over the past 30 years, Phuong Nam has unceasingly innovated, developed and improved its products quality, and was recognized as a leading light insulation materials supplier of Vietnam.

Applying scientific and technological achievements, Phuong Nam has constructed another factory No. 2 according to US LEED standards, installed 2 more European technology continuous panel production lines. With the guideline of always improving, Phuong Nam is determined to develop to next level, contributing to the innovation of Vietnam's building materials industry

Modern factory of Phuong Nam after nearly 30 years of development

  1. Trusted by hundreds of projects nationwide

Established from the unit experiencing 30 years of research and production of high-quality sandwich panel, Procy sandwich panel has been being trusted for hundreds of projects nationwide since it was firstly launched.

Some typical projects using Procy can be mentioned such as GO! hypermaket chain, Soc Trang Seafood Factory, Lotte Logistic Factory, Masan Nghe An Factory, etc.

High-quality, fast construction, satisfying all strict requirements of the projects, Procy panel is the perfect choice for sustainable projects over time. For further information of product, contact (028) 3590 1968 or visit website: