Why is quality insulating panel preferred While fabricating?

Sunday, 11/07/2021, 01:49 GMT+7

Sandwich panel has become a popular building material for projects of factory, clean room, cold-storage, etc. However, among insulating panels being fabricated and the one manufactured on modern production line, there are differences in quality that buyers need to know

Core quality

Insulating panel is more than anti-heat and soundproof. The higher the core quality is, the more requirements of the projects such as fire resistance and long durability the panel can meet.

Fabricated insulating panel often have phenomena of swelling, air bubble at core. Input materials and the mixing rate for core not ensured are the main causes for these phenomena. In addition, manual pumping fabricated core in each batch, each panel will cause the inconsistent quality of insulating panels that affect the projects in long term.

Thanks to production line, the insulating panels are manufactured with better control of the air bubble situation. Depending on each (PU/PIR) foam core, the manufacturer will have an appropriate mixing rate of materials, which is supported by modern machine. The measuring instruments of closed cell rate of core also help quality of insulating panels be consistent.

Concretely, thanks to sandwich panel production line of Phuong Nam, panel products all have tight, fine foam density, no vents in PU/PIR core for the high compression pressure, continuous foam spraying. Fine, tight closed cell density is 40~42kg/m3, uniform at every point of the panel.

Another advantage of a quality insulating panel is its aesthetics. In fabricated panels, we easily see the phenomena of pilling, extruding the core. This not only affects aesthetics but also quality of panel and takes time to smooth, remove extruded foam from its surface.

In quality insulating panel, thanks to modern production line, foam core will be fully filled entirely in the ready-made structure, convenient to join them and minimize consumption of materials, yet the aesthetics and functions of product are ensured.

sản phẩm phương nam

Quality insulating panel is produced with consistent foam density, no phenomenon of core extrusion out to two edges

Clamping quality

It is not random that there appear panels with different kinds of clamp in market. Depending on kinds of insulating panel, the clamp constructions will be completely different. However, whichever construction of clamp, their shapes must be ensured integrity, shapeliness. Thanks to tight clamping, panels will be easily joined and rigidly. As a result, they better meet features of soundproof and insulating.

Fabricated panels often have defects of clamps. After production, the panels having deformed clamp, foam extruding will be difficult to be applied. Defective clamps in normally fabricated products are due to many causes: poor quality steel, unqualified clamp making machines, etc.

Durability of steel

Poor quality of steel is not only result in difficulty in profiling clamps. More importantly, Steel is “wrapping” material and creates aesthetics for panel products

In fabricated panels, it is difficult to test the panel covering steel for durability. Poorly durable, thin steel will be difficult to ensure its functions under impacts of environment conditions of the site and weather. Easily discolored, rusted and quickly worn steel will affect quality of projects, especially the coastal ones

Insulating panel that is produced in line is different, most panel manufacturers that owns modern production lines have quality steel suppliers. For example, Phuong Nam Soundproof Insulating Panel, its high-quality sandwich panels are manufactured partially thanks to super durable steel from its strategic BlueScope partner. Well-known Activate Technology with super durable 4-layer coated steel from BlueScope contributes to help Phuong Nam sandwich panel gain trust from a lot of investors and contractors.

công trình panel

Insulating panel steel is highly durable to create projects quality

Production schedule

The manufacturers that own a modern sandwich panel production line will respond supply schedule required by projects. Fast delivery, consistent quality and packing and transportation professionalism are the things that make customers feel more secured to choose the reliable panel supplier.

At present, Phuong Nam Soundproof Insulating Company is leading in the daily output of panel with number up to 37,000m2/day. Thanks to its production line meeting the U.S LEED standard and cluster of continuous operation factories, Phuong Nam is capable of supplying its products to more than 500 projects a year nationwide.

bên trong nhà máy phương nam

Phuong Nam sandwich panel factory of high productivity, continuous operation

It can be said that, choosing a quality, professional and fast supplier of pane is important to each project. Objectively, the fabricated insulating panel and quality produced panel will have suitability to types of projects that they contribute to “form”. It is hoped that the above information will help you actively choose a suitable product with your projects.

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